As an ambitious business owner, you want to maximise your potential and seek to grow your business. Perhaps you want to open new locations, broaden your offering, and grow your team?


Whatever happens, growing a business focuses on an increase in sales revenue.


Whilst increasing your revenue is a sure sign of growth, you will also experience an increase in costs relative to the new staff, premises and other resources you need to grow.


This is where the difference between growing a business and scaling a business becomes apparent:

Growth focuses on increasing revenue with the current business model.

Scaling focuses on increasing revenue whilst adapting the business model to maximise profit.


Whilst growing a business can be very successful, it can lack the sustainability or profit that you may have been expecting.


The difference between growth and scaling? Scaling is growth that is both profitable and sustainable.

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What our clients say...

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SUS helped us to gain clear next steps with growth in mind by breaking down what we needed to do to in collaborative workshops and online sessions…The way SUS work is 100% effective for the leadership dynamic in our company.

Gary M - Recruitment
Coaching Mentoring

What our clients say....

Jon's input has been invaluable. It is the best investment anybody can make. Since my sessions with him my turnover has increased by more than 40% and we have barely scratched the surface.

Sam A – Fitness

If you want to scale up any business, then there are 5 core elements required to make the transition.


Strategy - You need a truly differentiating strategy.


Cash - Cash flow forecasting and strong cash management.


Adding Capacity - The ability to increase your capacity cost-effectively.


Leadership - Develop as a leader as you scale the business.


Execution - Focus and implement using 90 Day Planning.

We are the right people to work with because;

We believe in:


Scale. Not growth.


Transforming people first. Then business.

What our clients say...

It helped me stop and really think about my business's operational processes, and what to expect from the service providers I'm currently using.

Nigel D – Analytics
Why work with us?

We have:


Been transforming businesses for 25+ years.


Proven methods.

What our clients say...

Great to see you on Monday and really amazed at what one session has led to with …. I really can’t thank you enough for the help in giving such direction and how it’s affected my thought process.

Becky S – Marketing Agency