As an ambitious business owner, you want to maximise your potential and seek to grow your business. Perhaps you want to open new locations, broaden your offering, and grow your team?


Whatever happens, growing a business focuses on an increase in sales revenue.


Whilst increasing your revenue is a sure sign of growth, you will also experience an increase in costs relative to the new staff, premises and other resources you need to grow.


This is where the difference between growing a business and scaling a business becomes apparent:

Growth focuses on increasing revenue with the current business model.

Scaling focuses on increasing revenue whilst adapting the business model to maximise profit.


Whilst growing a business can be very successful, it can lack the sustainability or profit that you may have been expecting.


The difference between growth and scaling? Scaling is growth that is both profitable and sustainable.

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If you want to scale up any business, then there are 5 core elements required to make the transition.


Strategy - Create a truly differentiating strategy.


Cash - Ensure there is plenty of cash available to fund growth.


Add Value- Acquire more clients and grow your team as you scale.


Leadership - Get the best from your current leadership and find the future stars.


Execution - Drive flawless execution.

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