90 Day Plan

90 Day Plan

Forget the annual plan, it’s a 90 day plan you’ll need to get through Brexit


If you’re running your own business I bet you’re already thinking about 2019 and how to navigate the uncertainty it holds.

You might find yourself thinking that it’s pointless to plan to do anything significant until the dust has settled. However, I’d argue the opposite. With all the exciting developments in technology, now is a great time to plan for the growth or scale you’ve always dreamed of provided you adopt a more flexible approach to achieving your goals.

The textbooks will tell you to have a three to five year plan, within which you have annual plans that determine specific goals. However, in my experience, day to day trading can get in the way of delivering real change. There’s no escaping the fact that running a business gets in the way of progress.

I meet so many leaders who live up to the example of the ‘rocks and sand’ theory Stephen Covey evangelises. That is, you can’t get on with delivering the significant changes or ‘rocks’ in a plan, like putting a different distribution model in place, because you are sidetracked by the ‘sand’ of running a business, such as invoices and employment contracts.

So what’s the answer? I believe it’s to take a 90 day approach, following these five-steps:

  1. Test the plan

Firstly make sure the long-range plan is the right one to commit to.

  1. Define the goals of the first 12 months

Next define how the business will operate in 12 months time. How will it be different to today?

  1. Determine the first 90 days and agree the ‘rocks’

Ask yourself what absolutely has to happen in the first 90 days for the plan to work. Do you need to appoint an operations manager? Then you can assess what needs to be true for it to happen - will you to need to restructure the company to accommodate an ops manager?

  1. Set a 30 day deadline

Get specific about what’s on the to do list. For instance you might need to appoint a headhunter to find a high caliber ops manager.

  1. Tell someone

Psychologist Dr Gail Matthews has researched what makes us successful and found that is you tell someone about your intention you are far more likely to make it a reality.

A 90 Day plan gives you agility, flexibility and focus. It’s exactly what you need as we advance towards Brexit and what you need if you want to truly scale.

You can read the full article, which appeared on Minute Hack here.

Jon Kandiah
Jon Kandiah

Having spent 25 years in senior executive leadership roles, transforming large-scale businesses such as EE, T Mobile, Orange and Virgin Mobile (which achieved £500m revenue in 5 years and a £850m flotation); I have developed a range of tried-and-tested strategies, coaching and mentoring techniques that will equip your business and team with the skills necessary to scale up.