About Us

25 years of transformational growth

A Word from our Founder

Scale Up Strategist Jon Kandiah Coach Mentor

For 25 years, our founder Jon Kandiah has been transforming some of the smallest and largest businesses in the UK.
From helping to launch, grow and float Virgin Mobile (achieving a £850m market value in just 5 years) to being part of the merger of T-Mobile and Orange that created EE, Jon has been responsible for transforming people and transforming businesses at the highest level.
It’s the proven strategies, skills and experience from these start-ups, scale-ups and large-scale successful businesses that led Jon to found his own business and enable smaller ambitious businesses to achieve their potential.
Recognising the need for sustainable, profitable growth, Jon focusses on helping ambitious people to develop and execute the strategies required to scale their business.

What our clients say...

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Before working with Scale Up Strategist, our company was not focused on key milestones to lead us towards our overall goal. We were being distracted by people and tasks that were not a priority to achieve what we needed to do in 90 days and long term.


Ben L – Social Enterprise Hertfordshire

What we do

Scaling is growth that is both profitable and sustainable, It will present new and diverse challenges so it’s important that we think and plan ahead to ensure a smooth scale up transition . We can help you develop and execute the strategy you need to get you there.

How we do it

There are 5 elements that you need to successfully scale up your business:

Strategy - Create a truly differentiating strategy.

Cash - Ensure there is plenty of cash available to fund growth.

Add Value - Acquire more clients and grow your team as you scale.

Leadership - Get the best from your current leadership and find the future stars.

Execution - Drive flawless execution.

Why choose us?

As specialists in scaling, we take a sustainable and profitable approach to growing businesses.  Scaling a business looks at transforming not just the business model and execution, but the people within the business to ensure everything is aligned for success.