The Importance of a Clear Sales Message

The Importance of a Clear Sales Message

“If they don’t understand it. They can’t buy it.”

Scaling your business relies upon standardising as many elements as possible to create a robust and repeatable business that can grow in line with increasing demand overtime.

Repeatable. Predictable. Effective.

One of the most overlooked elements in business, and not just those that wish to scale, is your value proposition or “sales message”. Your sales message is how you communicate to your potential clients about what matters, it’s the essence of every sale you make and is concerned in the first instance with providing answers to the following client questions:

  • What are you selling?
  • Why should I “care” about that?
  • How do you differentiate from the competition?


At the heart of all sales lies communication.

Selling is a simple matter of good communication and finding a connection.

If you are scaling your business then having a Clear Sales Message is a vital component not only to help your clients understand and engage with your offering, but also as a tool for your employees to understand how to sell your offering and to do so in a repeatable, predictable and effective manner.

So let’s answer those questions:

What are you selling? If your potential clients don’t understand your offering- they can’t buy it.  You need to be able to explain to any person what you are offering in the simplest terms possible. A simple template would be “ We help clients to achieve benefit by method .”  So for us this would be “We help ambitious businesses to scale up using profitable and proven strategies. ”

Why should anyone care? Why anyone should “care” about your offering is vital to engaging potential clients. It’s a common mistake to talk about the details of what we offer when a potential client is only interested in the end result.

Focus your communication on the end result you will achieve for your client and the benefits of your offering first. Once established, then you can explore “how” you do what you do.

How do you differentiate? Differentiating your offering doesn’t need you to be completely unique; you don’t need to be the first or only in your space, but it does need to be meaningful to your client. What matters to your client? Is it Location? Experience? Price? Client testimonials? Being a Specialist? Awards you have won? Your clients will choose you based on what matters to them so pick a differentiator that will make a difference to your client and something they will “care” about.

Scaling your requires you to standardise certain elements to ensure they are robust enough to work at scale. Standardising your sales communications and creating a Clear Sales Message is vital to scaling your sales efforts.

James Newell

After a 12 year career in sales where I supplied over £600M of vehicles and didn't miss a single target; I realised that the real "secret" to selling is good communication and finding a connection. I now help companies and salespeople to sell more by ensuring their communication is C.L.E.A.R and giving them the structure and tools they need to sell with confidence.